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Thursday, January 11, 2018



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Friday, August 18, 2017

20170617 - 20170621 曼谷之旅(完整版无照片)



【~*第一天*~ 2017/6/17】

我们搭乘6/17 11:30AM的亚航飞机到Don Mueang机场。话说我人生搭飞机经验非常少,虽然Boarding Pass写明了Boarding Time是10:50AM,但是之前忘了哪里看到飞机起飞前20分钟需要登机,所以我以为10:50AM是进入Departure Hall。其实11:10AM时我们已经在登机处附近徘徊,但是看到只有小猫两三只,我们以为还没可以登机。真的很庆幸11:20AM的时候身边有其他人去问工作人员能不能上飞机,然后那个人说"Dah lama boleh naik." 顿时有种差点飞机就跑掉的感觉🤣 🤣


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Just to record this blog's Before & After Outlook.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

20160316 智齿。


20160316 我看到我的智齿长出来了!

昨天和今天一早起床就头痛,我猜是因为它吧 =o=


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Differences Between Essence, Serum, Lotion, Ampoule, Emulsion, Gel, Toner, Booster, Cream, Floral Water & Finisher.

**The following post is not written by me, I'm just keeping it at my own blog for easier reference and to prevent the link is removed. Original Post: http://beautyfaceskin123.blogspot.my/2013/09/tipswhat-are-essence-serum-lotion.html**

10 years ago, skincare products were much simpler. I only have cleanser, toner and also moisturizer which people called cream. The extra products that I have would be sunblock I guess. Fast forward ten years and we have so many products out there in the market until I can’t even differentiate what is essence, serum , lotion, cream and even booster! One day I was looking at my aunt skincare products and asked her what is the differences between essence and cream but I didn't get the exact answer that I want! Some would just tell me to put it after toner or something. I got confused with so many things to put and I usually use mixture of brands and products.  I was so lost with all these skincare products terms. 

So, today I am just going to share the meaning of those products in layman term. Hopefully, it will be of help to you =).